Annual Campaign


Raised to date: $7,690.00

The Campbell River Hospice Society’s 1st Annual Campaign goal is to raise $75,000. These funds are critical so that we can meet the growing need for service in our community and allow us to respond quickly.


These funds will also help us implement a Sudden Loss Workshop which will provide the essential tools to help the families stay together and continue to support each other through their tragic loss.

There are times we may find ourselves thinking; What if something happened to my child, my partner or a loved one - what would I do? The answer is, you would reach out to the Campbell River Hospice Society so we can encircle you with caring and compassionate support.

The sudden loss of a loved one, whether it’s by suicide, overdose, a health issue or an accident can have a devastating effect on the family, quickly tearing them apart and becoming isolated from each other. An unexpected loss takes away the opportunity of time to adjust and to say good-bye to the one they love.  

When a family experiences a sudden loss, it can change the family for life. They often struggle with how to support each other since everyone grieves in a different way. Depending on the situation they can experience many complicated feelings such as anger, shame and guilt. They will often suffer a lack of self-esteem and shattered self-worth.

Individuals often withdraw from social contacts and become isolated. The anger the survivors feel can become directed towards each other in their family unit and with friends and caregivers. Genuine sorrow is pushed aside making it difficult for healthy expressions of loss and acknowledging the need for treatment. Unless the survivor reaches a state of acceptance and peace, this loss will continue to disrupt their lives in many ways.

All donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt. If you make your donation online you will receive your tax receipt immediately by email. Please be sure to check your spam folder. If you make your donation by mail, you will receive your tax receipt by mail. 

By Mail: Campbell River Hospice Society, 440 Evergreen Road Campbell River B.C. V9W 0C7

More About the Campaign

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Our Team
Mayor Andy Adams
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Hospice Build Team
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Campbell River Hospice Board of Directors
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Garth Sheane, Board Advisor
Geri Arkell, Board Chair
Dr. Bruce Wood, Board Member
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Dr. Helen Garson, Board Vice Chair
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Kathryn Schmidt, MA, CCC
Art Therapist & Counsellor

Leslie Haynes-Hodgins  M.S.W., R.S.W.

Clinical Client Coordinator

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Jo-Anne Lamoureux, M.A
Hospice Registered Clinical Counsellor
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Netta Huffman – Hospice Client
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Kelly Fisher, Hospice Volunteer
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Frank Mayell,
Hospice Client
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Tony Coon & Leslie Palmer-Coon, Legacy Donors