Current Volunteer Needs

Direct Volunteer - Volunteer Companion Position - Currently on hold during COVID-19


We are seeking Volunteer Companions to provide one-to-one support to Clients who are at end-of-life or are grieving the loss of a loved one.  Companion visits can take place at the Hospital, Yucalta Lodge, Client’s homes, long-term care facilities, the Hospice Care Center and other places in the community that are convenient for the Client.  Volunteer Companioning includes: listening, sharing stories, playing games, reading, family respite and vigil support. 

A Hospice Volunteer Companion is required to take upwards of 30 hours of intense education. The Volunteer will learn how to recognize their own personal values and biases.  Communication and listening skills are emphasized as well as the importance of confidentiality.  They companion with the Client, doing everything from having meaningful conversations to sitting in silence or talking about the weather.  The conversation is always Client led and the Volunteer is never to allow their own personal spiritual beliefs to be discussed unless requested by the Client. 

Direct Volunteer - Reiki & Reflexology Volunteer Practitioners Position - Currently on hold during COVID-19


For the last several years, Campbell River Hospice Society has been providing a variety of Relaxation and Stress Reducing Therapies to its End-Of-Life and Bereavement Clients.  These sessions have been greatly beneficial and are in high demand.  So much so, that we are looking to add to our roster of Volunteer Certified Practitioners in Reiki and Reflexology.  We are also open to Certified Volunteers of other holistic therapies.  


Hospice Care Center & Serenity Garden Position


It’s Spring Clean Up time at CRHS!  We need help with the following:

  • General yard clean-up and garden prep

  • Window cleaning

  • Staining the backyard Pergola and Hospice Benches


**Dates are TBD, but open to recommendations!


Event Volunteers Position - Currently on hold during COVID-19


Event Season is upon us!  CRHS is participating in the following community events in Campbell River, listed here in order of date:

  1. April 4th – Silent Auction at Ocean Pacific Boat Show

  2. May 9th: A Walk To Remember

  3. July 1st – Canada Day

  4. July 17th-19th – Supporting Soul Cyclers in Cycle of Life Bike Race (in Victoria)

  5. August 8th – Dave Rennie Memorial Golf Tournament


CRHS will be needing Volunteer support at each of these events.  Duties can include but are not limited to:

  • Event Set-Up / Event Tear Down

  • Assisting with Silent Auctions

  • Accepting Donations

  • Handling event registration of participants

  • Distributing T-shirts, water bottles, wristbands, and other event items

  • Speaking knowledgeably about our Hospice

You can pick up an application at the Hospice Care Center, download a copy below or contact us at

Things to consider prior to applying to be a DIRECT volunteer

In considering whether Hospice volunteering is a service you want to give at this time, please consider the ideas expressed below:


  • Do you have an interest in the Hospice concept and have the desire to help others? Do you have some awareness of what is drawing you to Hospice work and are willing to explore this in depth?


  • Are you sensitive to the special needs of dying patients and their families and have chosen to work to support them?

  • You are aware of the losses you have experienced, your way of grieving and have a sense of perspective about life and death, loss and grief. If you have experienced a significant personal loss within the past year, one which you are still actively grieving, please consider carefully your present ability to take on a demanding training program. This work can intensify your own grief. We will review each applicant individually in this regard.

  • Volunteering with those who have lost a loved one or facing end-of-life can be difficult at times. It is important that you have a good support system and ways of taking care of yourself, meeting change and the unexpected with ease.

  • You are able to be respectful of others' choices and ideas, even if they don’t coincide with your own. Religion, way of life and even the choice of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) is respected as each individual’s choice. You are able to listen well and to validate others where they are, rather than where you might believe they should be.

  • You are not volunteering at Hospice with the purpose to change an individual’s personal choice at end-of-life but rather to provide compassionate care without judgment, allowing our clients to die with dignity in the manner they choose.

  • As you may be called on to work in a variety of areas and perform many different tasks, self-reliance, flexibility and adaptability are assets. Realistic awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses and the ability to set limits are important.

  • You are able to commit to up to 34 hours of volunteer education and ongoing training held every 6 weeks for 2 hours.

  • You are dedicated to committing up to one year (minimum) to becoming a Hospice volunteer. Note * you are able to set your pace of volunteering throughout the year to ensure it is cohesive with your personal life and self-care.

  • You like working as a part of a team and you are dedicated to your own growth ongoing learning.

  • Your personal strengths may likely include warmth, concern for people, a sense of humour and approachability.

  • You are willing to engage in ongoing communications with your volunteer team and the Volunteer Coordinator.

  • You are not bringing personal agendas or “missions” to your Hospice work and understand that our work is not to change people, but to be with them in their thinking in their life journey.


You can pick up an application at the Hospice Care Center, download a copy below or contact us at


Journeying with someone who is recovering from grief due to a loss of a loved one is volunteering that feeds my soul. 

~Connie B

I have seen the difference hospice can make at the end-of-life - the loving kindness, the alleviation of fear and pain, the comfort for the person dying, as well as for their loved ones.  It is a situation we all will face at some point and having that compassionate care, dignity and respect is something everyone deserves.  ~Mary P

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