Now that spring is here we have to maintain our Sally Wellman Memorial Garden at the Seawalk, Rotary Beach Park. This is a volunteer job anyone can do on their own time, alone or with someone you have already been in contact with. Keep in mind to keep your distance from others. You will need to use your own gardening tools. We ask that you take extra care around the plaques and items. All that is needed is to clean away dead brush, leaves and pull weeds. It's important not to attach anything to the retaining wall at the back of the garden - it does not belong to us. If you decide to help with the garden please have fun and take some pictures and send it to us at or post of our Facebook page or tag us!


This spring we need to stain our pergola in our backyard. We have a can of stain and one paintbrush. Someone can do it on their own or someone they have already been in contact with. This can be done on a warm sunny day. There is some pitch on the wood that will need to be removed before the staining. If you have some time on your hands and would like to do a really good deed contact us to set a date and time you want to get to work.  We are open during limited hours so please call ahead. 250-286-1121 or email