Dave's Memory Wall


Dave Rennie was born October 29th, 1962 in London, Ontario. He grew up a happy-go-lucky kid with his parents Bruce and Donna and older sister Jody. While growing up, the family relocated to Vancouver Island in the ‘70s and by the time he was ready for high school they had settled in Campbell River. 


One of his passions was sports and he loved watching them as well as playing them. In CR, he took up baseball and became a phenomenal first-baseman! Everyone in town took note of his playmaking skills and hitting ability. One cool aspect of his baseball life was that his father Bruce was a local umpire and had a birdseye view for all of his son’s heroics! 


In Campbell River, Dave finished school and pursued careers in fishing and logging as a young man. During this time, he and a former schoolmate, Sandra, kindled a relationship.  As he entered his late 20’s Dave would change careers to steel working - something a little safer.  A few years into their relationship, Dave and Sandra moved in together on a farm as Sandra was a Quarter Horse trainer and she became pregnant with their first and only child, Kyle. 


For the next 18 years Dave continued steel-working while his wife ran her business and they raised their son together.  The farm was located just across the street from a local golf course, Sequoia Springs (now Campbell River Golf and Country Club), and so Kyle and Dave began to go there on a regular basis. Soon it became their favourite pastime together taking trips on the island and around the province.


By 2010 changes were around the corner when Kyle had left for college and Sandra was ready to further her career and leave Campbell River.

In 2011 the unthinkable happened as Dave won the BC Lotto Max Jackpot! With this change in fortune Dave retired  and he and Sandra bought a house in Langley and shortly thereafter, another one in Scottsdale, Arizona. As the two began their new lives, he couldn’t quite leave Campbell River behind and along with other charitable work, Dave donated to the Campbell River Hospice to help them build a much-needed Hospice House.


With more free time on his hands, Dave began golfing several times a week. He had family and friends on the mainland and made a few more down south with whom he could play. As luck would have it, in 2015, while playing in a tournament with some thirty other guys, he made his first hole-in-one! The evening soon became a bit of a blur as everyone in attendance was treated  to beer, steak, and even lobster!


Also, in 2015 Dave and Kyle attended the Super Bowl in Phoenix, The Masters in Augusta, Georgia, and the US Open at Chambers Bay. Quite the year!


Sadly, while in Arizona in 2016, Dave contracted a fungal lung infection that would quickly lead to severe illness. This superbug, (MRSA) Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, would go viral and he would succumb to it in only a matter of weeks. 


Dave left behind a large group of friends and family that absolutely adored him. His one goal in life was to make people laugh and he did it well!


Everyone who met him was drawn into his all-encompassing joy-filled presence. No matter the situation, appropriate or not, Dave was able to get a smile out of most anyone in the room.


Fifty-three is far too young to leave this earth, but he filled those 53 years with more adventure, excitement and joy than most ever could.  Because of that, it doesn’t feel like a life lost, but rather, a life the world was grateful to share! 

~Kyle Rennie