A direct volunteer provides psychosocial support to those grieving or facing end-of-life. Volunteers create an emotionally safe and supportive space for individuals and their families to voice thoughts and feel emotions. The direct volunteer participates in a variety of activities based on the interest and needs of those they are supporting and their own skills and abilities. Activities could include but are not limited to, participation in hobbies, sharing of music, playing board games, reading, arts and crafts, phone calls, legacy discussions and sharing of life stories, silence and space.

There are many DIRECT Volunteer roles including Hospital/Yucultar Visitor, Companioning, Vigil, Compassionate Care, Holistic Relaxation Therapists and Pet Therapist. 


Depending on the specific role or roles you have chosen, the training requirements are that you attend the Volunteer Training Workshop before providing service. If you are a Hospital/Yucalta Visitor or Vigil support you are required to take the added VIHA training prior to starting service.

All DIRECT volunteers are required to attend our Monthly Volunteer Meetings. These sessions will include check-in, an opportunity to debrief and a short training on a variety of topics to help you build confidence in your role as a DIRECT volunteer. 




The Campbell River Hospice Society asks that all volunteers continue open communication with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure we provide the best care possible to our clients.  Some communication requirements include the following:


  • Obtain clean criminal record checks and agree to terms of the Society’s Confidentiality Agreement and Policies and Procedures.

  • Complete the required volunteer training, mentorship programs and ongoing mandatory orientation sessions.

  • Complete Island Health online training (LMS) to be permitted to go to any Island Health facility i.e. hospital or Hospice.

  • Advise the Volunteer Coordinator of ability to work and any changes that occur in the availability.

  • Show up for scheduled work assignments and record hours worked to submit to the Volunteer Coordinator.


All direct volunteers are required to take the Volunteer Training Workshop held once a year. This workshop is a min of 40 hours and scheduled over a few weeks to make it easy for you to attend and manage in your personal life.

The Workshop and ongoing monthly meetings are facilitated by our Lead counsellor Leslie Haynes-Hodgins.

Once the Workshop is completed you will receive a certificate to indicate your course completion. Ar this point you will be partnered with a senior volunteer who will take you on a few visits until you feel comfortable on your own. 


Our Monthly Volunteer Meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of each month from 7 pm- 8:30 pm by Zoom. From June - September 2021 the Volunteer Meeting agenda will be a bit different because of COVID and the lack of in-person volunteering. Instead of debriefing and ongoing training, the meetings will be geared around the topic of death and grief to get everyone comfortable with the topic. These conversations will be facilitated by Hospice Counsellor, Stephen Garrett. They will be a rich discussion and we encourage you to attend. 


Island Health (VIHA) Training

The VIHA training is a requirement for those that want to volunteer as a Hospital/Yucalta Visitor and VIGIL support. This training is online and takes approximately 20 hours to complete.

Once the VIHA training is completed, you will be provided with a Hospital and Yucalta orientation by the Volunteer Coordinator or your mentor.

You are required to abide by the VIHA Volunteer Standards of Conduct Policy (at the back of the manual).