Campbell River Soul Cyclers



Kathy Morrison, Carly Caron, Tia Otter, Sandra Rushton, Barry Peters, Marsha Lloyd, Erika Kellerhals, Terry Jacques, Bruce Wood, Daryl Lynne Wood, Lance Stewardson, Marcy Prior and Kelly Fisher (team captain).


Fundraising Support Team: Paula Anderson.

All of us at the Campbell River Hospice Society is overwhelmed by the generosity and amazing act of kindness that is being gifted to us by the Campbell River Soul Cyclers team. These amazing individuals have joined forces to participate in the Cycle Of Life Event on July 21 & 22 in support of our Hospice Society.


It's so inspiring to see this team make such an incredible commitment to riding their bike nearly 200kms through Saanich, Cowichan Valley, and the Gulf Islands all while managing their day to day lives.


They will be working diligently to raise funds to help their community to ensure hospice support is available to everyone who needs it.


A huge incentive for this team is to raise enough money to help us increase our counselling services to meet the needs of our community's children and adults who are grieving or facing a life-limiting illness.


We wanted to share their stories and the reasons why they are so passionate about supporting our community (below). Please consider pledging their team to help them reach their goal of  $30,000.​​​

Kelly Fisher (Team Captain)

I lost my father when I was 10. My mother was dealing with her own grief and she was unable to help me with mine. She probably didn’t even know how.  As a result, I was unable to deal with my grief for many, many years. Knowing what I know now about hospice, I’m sure it would have helped my family had it been available to us. 

Giving back to my community is important to me.   I am proud to be a hospice volunteer.   I rode for the first time in the Cycle of Life Tour in 2017 and I’m back for my third time this summer to further support our wonderful hospice and its vitally needed programs.

This ride challenges me in ways like never before.  The camaraderie with the other cyclists and the joy we share in supporting a common cause make it one of the most wonderful things I have ever done.

 Winston Churchill said “We make a living from what we earn; we make a life from what we give... What we do for ourselves dies with us, but what we do for others lives forever”.  

Kathy Morrison

I believe Hospice is a very important organization for the services it provides for end-of-life and the ones left to grieve. I also am a strong believer that contribution is important. it is important to give back to your community. So, with these beliefs, I am passionate about Hospice and have gratitude that I have time to be of service. I was involved with Hospice when it started 30 some years ago but had to retire as I had started my own business. When I was very young my father died and an Aunt that had been an important caregiver also passed. From these experiences, at such an early age my life was woven with death and dying... I was afraid of death...I made life decisions based on this fear. So for me, I have loved the learning and the knowledge I have learnt from my involvement with Hospice. It is now my desire to shed light on a subject that many find dark.


The bike tour is exciting for me as it shares my two passions riding and Hospice. I am excited to raise funds and awareness of Hospice in the community through my participation.


To be involved with a team with a common cause is energizing and fun... I loved the friendships I formed from last year's ride. Looking forward to sharing the ride this year with some returning team members and riding with new members especially my granddaughter Carly Caron and my bestie Tia Otter.



Barry Peters

I’m supporting Hospice for very personal reasons and because I think it is very important to die in peace, with dignity and without pain. My personal reasons revolve around my Mom who just passed this last December. Her last days were spent in comfort and loving care at the Charlottetown Hospice facility on PEI. This was an incredible space that not only catered to my Mom but in many ways to our whole family and friends as well. The staff were amazing and ran the gambit of very young to experienced. They were all supportive, they made us feel that this was our space.

I guess we will all be at this stage of our lives at one point.

Having a team to help raise money just makes it more fun and collectively gives you a bigger impact right away.  

Sandra Rushton

I have lived in Campbell River for 14 years, and have been a Rotarian in Campbell River since I moved here and found this community, very generous and giving.  I love where I live.  Over the years in life and in my career, I have been aware of the help I received on both fronts, from a helping hand or just kindness.  I truly believe in giving back and paying the help I received, forward in the form of a hand up.  My Mom came to live in Campbell River to be closer to my husband Mike and I, in September of 2013 she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  My sister LeEtta and I put our heads together with a plan to keep her at home and surrounded by those she loved.  We were unaware of how big that decision was, but hospice helped us through, with emotional support and programs to help.  It made our journey more bearable.   I am proud that we were able to do this for Mom, it would have been so much harder without the help and support of hospice.  When my fellow Rotarian and friend Kelly spoke about her venture in riding with hospice, I knew that is something that I needed to do to give back to hospice for all that they do for families dealing with difficult situations and decisions.  Last year was my first ride and it was truly an amazing experience.  I have met so many people that shared their stories, it makes me feel really proud to ride to help raise funds so others can have the help they need when they most need it.  I am looking forward to riding again this year.  So when you see the riders on the side of the road, just be kind and know that we are riding for an amazing cause. 

Terry Jacques

Other than a few years away for post-secondary schooling, I have lived in Campbell River my entire life.   Various hobbies allow me to be involved in numerous local clubs and associations.  Retirement has offered me the luxury of volunteering with organizations in Campbell River that I feel passionate about.  Now I feel I can give back to a community that has always been giving to me, which most definitely, includes Hospice.   My involvement with this worthwhile organization started many years ago when the mother of my husband’s children passed away.   The grief counselling that was offered to them was invaluable to their well being.   Some 10 years ago, Hospice once again entered my life when my sister, Colleen, was faced with a terminal illness.  I broached the group for support and was truly amazed at what they had to offer.  I attended sessions with my sister over the few remaining months of her life.  As a cancer survivor myself, the benefits I gleaned with life-altering.   Presently, I am a caregiver to my ailing husband.  Will Hospice be there for me? You bet!



Lance Stewardson

I am a born and raised Campbell Riverite who chose to return to Campbell River after University to work, live and play.  I have raised two children here with my wife Monica and we have built a business together along the way.  In 2017 my dad died after a long fight with a debilitating disease.  He fought the disease with everything he had and I will never forget the bravery he showed throughout the process he went through.  Hospice plays a key role in our city; helping, supporting and providing people dealing with everyone’s inevitable experience with death.  In 2016 I started riding as a way to get back in shape that saved my post rugby body from the jarring effects of running.  In 2017 I joined Rotary in hopes of giving back to our great community and heard tales of the “Soul Cyclers”, their cause (CR Hospice) and the Cycle of Life Tour.  It seemed like a good fit, so this year when asked, I jumped at the chance to join the team.  Now I just have to make sure I can ride that far……..


Carly Caron

Involvement with my Health & Wellness Business has raised my awareness of the value of my contribution. So in search of a way that I could contribute to our community, my curiosity was peaked when my Grandma, Kathy Morrison, participated in the Cycle of Life Tour in 2018. Having a love for cycling and with new learning about the services that Hospice provides, I realized that this was an organization I felt to be very important and that I would love to support. I'm very excited to raise funds and raise awareness of Hospice and to be a part of this team!

Tia Otter

This amazing ride is in support of a friend, Kathy Morrison, who’s very passionate about Hospice and as a result has educated me on the benefits of having a Hospice Care Centre in our community.


I’m grateful that everyone is entitled to the compassionate support Hospice brings to the patients and to the families in times of need.


I’m thrilled to contribute to my community by riding my bike with this fabulous team in support of a wonderful cause. I know one day I will need them and their services.

Marsha Lloyd

I am riding once again in support of Hospice services on the Island.  Our family was fortunate to benefit from the amazing support given to us during the passing of my mother in law.  Raising funds to help Hospice share their services with others is an easy way to give back.  Last years ride was a gathering of sincere volunteers, riders, businesses and supportive funders, whose goal was to increase services as well as awareness about Island Hospices. It was fun, it was successful, and our team is ready to do it again.

Bruce and Daryl Lynne Wood

 Both septuagenarians with 6 grandchildren, Daryl Lynne an artist and bruce a retired physician. Our motto is slow and steady.  We believe in the services of hospice.

Marcy Prior

I am a horticulturist, an artist, a market gardener, and an outdoor enthusiast.

Growing up in Campbell River I have had the opportunity to experience all of these things, and to meet and be mentored by two exceptional women - Sybil Andrews and Ann Haig-Brown.

I studied with Sybil for 19 years and learned the art of drawing, painting, and printmaking. Ann Haig-Brown hired me as her gardener in 1986 and I continue to look after her garden to this day.

 With my husband, we grow produce for the market, and in our spare time, we enjoy hiking, skiing, paddling, and cycling.

The ride for Hospice this coming July wasn't really planned, but like many things, it's the unexpected that makes one take notice, like end of life issues. I've had several people in my life face coming to terms with this, and it's organizations like Hospice that help those facing end of life issues, and their families and friends. That's why in July I'll be riding with the Campbell River team to raise funds for this very important cause.


Team Fundraisers

Paula Anderson

Year 2 as a proud member of team Campbell River Soul Cyclers. My passion for supporting hospice society goes back years. Over the past 40 years, I have personally experienced the caring compassionate journey of end of life 3 times by different BC hospice societies, the most recent Yucalta here in Campbell River. Loved ones passed with dignity and respect. The support I received was second to none and I felt like I was part of a larger family. Due to a cycling accident I, unfortunately, can’t ride this year, however, will do anything I can to support my dedicated teammates.

Thanks for donating to Soul Cyclers, no one knows when they will need the care and compassion of the CR Hospice Society 

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