Supporting children, youth and adults through their grief and end-of-life journey

All services are offered at no cost. Donations appreciated



We provide compassionate support to those who are palliative and facing end-of-life and their families. 



We are available to provide a variety of services to help Children, Youth and adults through their grief. 



We offer peer-to-peer support for caregivers who need a safe space to discuss their loved one's journey.  


How we do it

33% Donations       21% Fundraising       13% Social Enterprise       30% Government

Annual Holiday Campaign

December 1 - 31
Goal $60,000

Child & Youth Grief Program

The goal for our communities future

Community Fundraisers

community members who fundraise for hospice care

Goal $60,000

Annual Holiday Campaign

The truth is that the impact of traumatic loss has reached crisis levels in our community resulting in a substantial number of people struggling with the effects of traumatic grief.


In the past year alone, CRHS has encountered an overwhelming 81% increase in requests for support from those impacted by sudden traumatic losses related to suicide, drug overdose and unexpected deaths. These individuals and families range from children to adults. 


Complicated traumatic grief is a mental health crisis that can evolve into severe complications if not treated promptly by professionals specializing in this type of grief. 


Statistics show that a child or youth who experiences suicide within their family unit has a 50% chance of considering suicide themselves. This is a tragic risk for our community and is something we take very seriously. Read more

Hospice Care

Many people are not aware that  Hospice Care reaches further than our end-of-life services. We also offer a significant amount of support to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one or a furry companion. Currently, our community who are our neighbors and friends are impacted by a significant amount of traumatic loss associated with suicide or drug overdose.  Due to this crisis, we are focused on securing funding to build a robust traumatic grief children's and youth program to reduce the cycle of suicide in our young community.   


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