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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Campbell River Hospice Society (CRHS) Volunteer.
Please take some time to review this page in full and consider all the information when
applying to volunteer with us. 

Volunteer Roles and Expectations


Direct Volunteer

A direct volunteer provides psychosocial support to those grieving or facing end-of-life.  Volunteers provide personal attention to those journeying through illness, end-of-life and bereavement.  Acting as a companion, hospital and Yucalta visiting team, support group facilitator or other volunteers create an emotionally safe and supportive space for others to voice thoughts and feel emotions.  

At times a direct volunteer will be required to provide relief and respite care for caregivers, and at other times, they help the clients, family, and friends adapt to the stressors that accompany the multiple transitions in life and losses associated with change.  

The direct volunteer participates in various activities based on the interest and needs of those they are supporting and their skills and abilities.  Activities could include but are not limited to, participation in hobbies, sharing music, playing board games, reading, arts and crafts, phone calls, legacy discussions and sharing of life stories, silence, and space.


Volunteer Time Commitments

The time commitment of a 
Direct Volunteer is 4 hours per week with a minimum of a 1 year commitment.

The time commitment of an
Indirect Volunteer is based on the event/role requirements.

The time commitment of a
Healing Therapy Practitioner is 4-6 hours per week with a minimum of a 1 year commitment.


Indirect Volunteer

The indirect volunteer provides support to the operations of the Society to help Hospice continue to thrive.  Indirect volunteers are not required to attend Hospice Education but are always welcome to join in to further their knowledge.  Indirect volunteers’ positions include, but are not limited to:
- Event support
- Event committees
- Administrative support
- Gardening group
- Maintenance support


Healing Therapy Practitioner

Healing Therapy Practitioners are volunteers who are certified in relaxation therapies such as Reiki, Massage Therapy and Reflexology. They provide their services to Hospice clients free of charge. Services can be provided at the Hospice Care Centre, in the Hospital, in Long-term Care Facilities and at client's homes. 

Volunteer Training


All of our Direct and Practitioner Volunteers undergo extensive training hosted by our Lead Clinical Counsellor, Leslie Haynes-Hodgins. This training amounts to around 24 hours of in-person classes, 3 to 4 hours of self study work and 3 hours of Island Health online training for any volunteers who wish to visit their location

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Thrift Store Volunteer

Interested in volunteering at our
Second to None thrift store? 

Email hannah@crhospice.ca or call the 
Hospice Care Centre at 250-286-1121. 

Volunteer Expectations


At CRHS, we have several policies that must be strictly followed by all volunteers. 
Some policies include:
- Remaining neutral around the topic of MAiD and personal or spiritual beliefs
- To not transport clients under any circumstances
- To not attend any financial meetings or participate in conversations around finances with clients or their family
- To not under any circumstances sign as a witness for a client (including but not limited to, MAiD and Will documents)  
- To not train or work as a Death Doula while being an active volunteer with CRHS

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*taking our quiz does not guarantee or negate your role with Hospice. Please contact our Volunteer and Event Coordinator for more details. hannah@crhospice.ca

Things to consider before becoming a
Hospice Volunteer

"I feel fulfilled after every appointment with my clients."
-Practitioner Volunteer

"I am so honored to be invited into our client's lives. How special it is."
-Direct Volunteer

"I love volunteering; our clients are so special and appreciative of the care we provide." 
-Direct Volunteer

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