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DIY Fundraisers


What is a DIY Fundraiser?

DIY fundraising is where a supporter of Hospice organizes and hosts their own fundraiser in the community. Events of fundraisers could range from a social media post to holding a small event.

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What are Some Examples
of DIY Fundraisers?

-Starting a Social Media fundraiser

-Asking friends and family to donate to Hospice in place of a gift

-Holding a Garage Sale

-Business owners donating a portion of specific sales to Hospice

-Car Wash

-Someone making and selling an item in support of Hospice

-Providing a service (grass cutting, dog walking etc.) in support of Hospice

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How Can Hospice Help
Me with a DIY Fundraiser?

Campbell River Hospice Society can help with DIY fundraiser by providing posters and literature, Hospice logos, design help with social media posts or by representing Hospice at an event.

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How Can I Start a
DIY Fundraiser?

Thank you for donating your time and efforts to support Hospice Care and Grief Support in your community!

Although Hospice is not required to be involved in your fundraiser, we'd love to know so we can promote it.
Contact Hospice's
Volunteer and Event Coordinator
to get started!

Email Hannah at or 250-286-1121

Helpful Links

The links below can be helpful in starting your DIY Fundraiser or be used to encourage
support to Hospice. 

Things to Consider

The Campbell River Hospice Society will not fund or reimburse any event expenses. All costs incurred before, during and after the event will be at the organizer’s expense. This is important for organizers to know in case the event is cancelled or does not generate enough revenue to cover the expenses associated with the event.

Fundraiser organizers are required to apply for and get any required event insurance and/or licencing. All raffles, 50/50s, bingos etc. require BC Gaming Licenses. Visit the BC Gambling Event Licence site for more information

Only donations made directly to the Campbell River Hospice Society in office or through our donation link found here, will be eligible for a tax receipt.

The Campbell River Hospice Society will not share client, member or support information or contact details with the Fundraiser Organizer.

things to consider
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