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CRHS Membership

We are pleased to invite you to become a CRHS Member or renew your Membership for our fiscal year, April 1, 2023 – March 30, 2024. This will be another impactful year as we expand our programs and services to fulfill the community's increasing grief and palliative needs.


The pandemic has impacted everyone in various ways, creating a wave of grief and loss within our community. The number of requests for support for traumatic losses due to suicide, drug toxicity/overdoses and sudden loss increased by 81% in the past two years. Statistics show that those who lost a loved one by suicide have a 50% chance of considering suicide themselves. This is a tragedy for our community!


We are dedicated to helping stop this cycle through our clinical and volunteer support that provides healthy alternatives to managing one's traumatic grief and mental health within the family unit. Palliative care in our community is back on track with two added Hospice Suites at Evergreen and the four publicly funded hospice beds at Yucalta Lodge. Many individuals are choosing to die at home, where we offer many services to help make their time with their loved ones as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Thanks to our community's generous and kind support, we continue to offer all of our programs at no cost.


There are three different membership levels: Individual for $25. One Hundred Club for $100 and Corporate for $250. Your Membership includes voting rights to the CRHS Annual General Meeting, Newsletter Updates and Recognition of Membership. If you choose to include a donation with your selected membership level, you will receive a tax receipt for the donation portion.


We hope you join us on this year's journey of healing in our community.

Membership Form

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