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Child & Youth Program

Our dream for the future of our community

Throughout the past few years, our community has experienced significant loss. COVID-19, greatly impacted the natural grief process as we navigated a considerable number of tragic deaths. Plus, our community continues to be affected by a significant crisis of drug toxicity/overdose and suicides, resulting in a substantial number of deaths amongst our youth population. Our organization receives an average of three calls a week that are associated with suicides and sudden deaths.


Today requests for grief support have increased an overwhelming 81% since the start of the pandemic. 76% of these referrals are related to the loss of a loved one by suicide or drug toxicity/overdose, and 14% of our clients are youth and children. These numbers continue to increase steadily.


Sadly, statistics show that a sibling or friend of a person who commits suicide has a 50% risk of suiciding themselves.


As a community-serving organization, we take this situation seriously and are collaborating within our community to find ways to finance a robust Children & Youth Grief program. This program's objective is to prevent our youth from resorting to suicide or toxic drug use to self-manage their traumatic grief experiences. A professional clinical counsellor specializing in children and youth grief will design the program to offer an exceptionally high level of care at no cost to our community members.

You can help us get there. We are asking locals business who's employees families would be supported by this program to make a monthly commitment of $250, $500 or $1000 per month or a one time donation to ensure our communities youth have the support they need. Donors will receive a high level of community recognition and/or a charitable tax receipt at the end of each year.  Donate Today

For more information contact us.

All CRHS services are available at no cost to our community

There are no other children & youth grief support programs in Campbell River

Suicidal ideation can increase by 50% in children and adolescents who have lost a loved one to suicide

76% of our clientele are affected by a traumatic loss associated with suicide to drug overdose

Program expenses $114,000 per year

Goal $ 114,000 Annually

Our 1st Donor!


Upland Contracting President Mark Stuart and Company Controller Graham Knutson understand the importance of supporting our communities youth through these devastating times. "This program is imperative to helping our youth get the support they need when affected by a traumatic loss so we can prevent them from self-harming to cope. Knowing there is no other program like this in our community, I am 100% behind it and encourage other community businesses to get involved."  Mark Stuart

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